Mustafa AY – TDO – 24.12.2017 In the wake of new sanctions over Russia by US Congress, Moscow intensified its complains over USA’ place in ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine. A Russian diplomat touched on the vulnerable Eastern Ukraine conflict by stating that US government has been providing lethal arms to Ukraine which is a factor eliminating the peace chance for the fighting fractions. According to the Russian official, US’s presence in Ukraine through its arms dealers will threaten the region with more violence, where there will be no negotiation table for ceasefire. The Russian official also added “US’s presence the Ukrainian conflict may be reflected to Western readers as ‘a mediator’ by the media, however the fact is that what Washington intended with provision of lethal arms to Ukraine may only be interpreted as ignition of a huge-scale irreversible war in the region”.

Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin talked about US’s role and effects to Ukrainian conflict resolution, and accordingly stated that US arming of Ukraine undermines 2015 Minsk agreement, which is currently one of the main political agenda for European politics. On Saturday, German and French leaders renewed their call for all fractions to reconcile for immediate peace. Chancellor Merkel and President Macron issued a joint statement in Elysee referring to “it is necessary to implement agreements on disengagements and the withdrawal of heavy weapons like tanks, artilleries, mortars, etc. to the agreed storage sites behind the lines”. They also added that they are expecting both sides to fulfill the terms. However, the peace in the region seems to be far-far away since the US’ role in the region is not helpful for de-escalation, as Russian officials pointed out.

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