Mustafa AY – TDO – 28.10.2017 Following the removal of Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, Catalans stormed into the Barcelona streets so as to intensify the protest and pressure on Madrid and make their voices heard all around the world. The streets cartoons aimed at stressing the dictatorship of Spanish government actually indicate how critical the tension between not only the politicians, but also Catalan and Spanish people as seen in the match between Atl. Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid fans protested Catalans with flag protest. Besides all the latest bothersome progresses for Catalans, today, Spanish Senate entitled PM Rajoy to seize the control of Catalonia until the forthcoming reelections of Catalonia. İn December. Madrid’ decision can be regarded as the tipping point for Catalans because Spain’s such maneuver is aimed at both dispersion of Catalan gross roots movement and neutralization of prominent pro-secession politicians. Catalan politicians may be neutralized only if the crowd behind themselves are dispersed with force.

With this political maneuver, in the next days, Madrid may release a prohibition on Catalans who strive for a more self-determined and sovereign Catalonia. On Monday, Spanish leader Rajoy stated shocking words like to dissolve the parliament of Catalonia and to seal all Catalan embassies abroad. PM Rajoy said these right up on the conditions that they firstly take the control of Catalonia, and then bring peace and stability back once Catalans give up their cause. In the aftermath of these words, Catalans unremittingly express their anger against Spain. There are majority of people in the streets. One of the groups is composed of majors and their staff of office among those angry protesters. By joining the protests, they tried to pass on the uselessness of diplomacy and political negotiation towards Spain which considered to be unrespectful to the results of referendum.


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