Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.08.2018 At the last weekend, Israel and Hamas decided on sitting on the reconciliation table. For the negotiations, Egypt undertook the duty of mediating between the opposing parties. In order to conduct the reconciliation talks, Hamas’s political leader Ismail Haniye with many top officials of the organisation arrived in Gaza Strip. Before the negotiations, Tel Aviv guaranteed Hamas’s top officials not launch military operation against themselves, which created a little chance to reach truce amidst the opposing parties.

Tel Aviv has just stipulated Hamas the condition that ‘Great Return’ demonstrations must be ceased effective immediately.  In case of fulfilling the conditions, Israel promises Hamas to reopen Kerem Shalom border as well as renewing fishing permit to Palestinian fishermen. However, that Israel pledges to renew fishing permits does not mean anything because Tel Aviv set a 3 miles restriction for fishing on July 2018. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to grant Palestinian fishermen with fishing permit.

Following Washington’s unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel –even though overwhelming majority of UN member countries denied the unilateral declaration of USA-  many Palestinians in Gaza Strip commenced ‘Great Return’ extensive demonstrations against Israel and USA. During the broad civilian protests, IDF forces shot over 150 civilians dead. In case of that Hamas fulfilled all the conditions of Israel in spite of all severe happenings, the legitimacy of Great Return demonstrations would much likely fade away, which will result in Israeli’s long-lasting policy of fait accompli on the issue of Jerusalem’s official status. Therefore, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas objects the truce talks because of existence of odds of concession to give Israel.

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