Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Two 'Rafale' - type fighter jets, airlifted from the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, located at a point between the islands of Crete and Cyprus, have been claimed to have flown over Southern Cypriot airspace.

According to the Turkish Agency Cyprus, Greek news sources announced that French warplanes were flying over the Republic of Cyprus, thus beginning joint activities with the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

Two Rafale type French fighter jets said to have flown over Southern Cyprus at noon, and the aircraft arrived in the area from Larnaca.

It was also announced that the warplanes had left the area in the direction of Paphos following their flight over Trodos.

It was emphasized that the aircraft returned to the aircraft carrier at the border of the 8th parcel, located north of the point where the Yavuz drilling ship was working and in the Exclusive Economic Zone declared by Southern Cyprus.

Meanwhile, information was shared that flights were expected to resume.

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