Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.02.2018 French President Emmanuel Macron took part in Paris International Agriculture Fair, but not welcomed by the most of the French farmers. Many attendees to the fair staged a demonstration against President Macron. In the protest, French farmers criticized the government’s agricultural policies. More specifically, French farmers protested against EU’s trade talks with S. American trade union ‘Mercosur’ – composed of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay –, and newly released producer price index (PPI) by French government.

French farmers in the fair had a certain stance against French government with regards to the govt.’ many agricultural policies, but one in all made the native French farmers piss off. That is the policy allowing Chinese investors to purchase French lands. On account of the increasing investments of Chinese businessmen, many native French farmers ended up in a thought that they’d lose their influence and competitive position to Chinese firms in France. In addition, many attendees to the fair have a reasonable concern that French fertile soils may be ruined owing to the usage of chemicals by Chinese investors. Since Chinese investors take merely their profits into the first place, French farmers concerns can be regarded as valid.

French leader Macron called every protester around himself in order to listen their complaints and concerns. At the end of the talks with French farmers, President Macron uttered “no problems French farmers have faced with will remained unsolvable from now on, I assure you!”

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