Serhat TUNAR -TDO- French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, France 2 channel on the outbreak of the new type coronavirus (Kovid-19), said in a statement in the coming months will defeat this outbreak.

Philippe said they strongly asked the French to stay at home and stressed that they should not be allowed out except in compulsory situations, but they could go to a pharmacy, hospital, work place and grocery store. Philippe also pointed out that the spread of the outbreak could be prevented by reducing the number of people contacted.

Edouard Philippe stressed that individual hygiene rules must be followed, adding that they took the decision to restrict free movement across the country except in mandatory cases, based on the opinions of experts.

The death toll in France increased by 27 people to 175, Health Ministry Director General Jerome Salomon, at a press conference, the number of people detected the virus increased by 1097 and reached 7,730, 690 of the patients said the condition was severe. Of those who lost their lives, 7 per cent were under the age of 65.

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