İrem UZUN -TDO- The National Assembly of France on Tuesday evening approved a historic resolution stating that anti-Zionism is like a new and modern form of anti-Semitic hatred of the Jewish people. The legislation passed with 154 lawmakers voting in favor and 72 voting against.  The bill was promoted following a host of anti-Semitic acts in France over the past year – the latest being an anonymous vandalization of 107 gravestones in a Jewish cemetery near the city of Strasbourg in eastern France.

French MP Meyer Habib presented the position of his party, the Union of Democrats and Independents, during the arguments for and against the law. In his speech, Habib reiterated the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel over the years and explained why the approval of the proposal is important, not just to the person who is Jewish."French policy in the fight against anti-Semitism is a failure. There are outbreaks of anti-Semitic attacks. Twelve French people have been murdered for being Jews since 2003. Half of France's racist acts have been committed against Jews, even though they account for less than one percent of the population. Faced with this urgent [problem], there have been a lot of speeches, but few acts... I worry about the Jews, but I'm mostly worried for France. It is an implicit sign: This demonization of the Jew and Israel has today become the hallmark of anyone who despises the system, " he said.

A group of 127 Jewish intellectuals has signed a petition against the new bill. One of the signatories calls the bill “problematic”, saying it “delegitimizes the legitimate act of criticizing the state of Israel".

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