Selin ATAY-TDO- The French Foreign Ministry said Pakistani human rights minister Shireen Mazari's alleged remarks against French President Emmanuel Macron and Muslims were unfounded. In addition, the Foreign Ministry announced that this behavior was strongly condemned by France.

A French Foreign Ministry spokesman described the statements of Pakistan's human rights minister Mazari as "disgusting" and “lies.”

 “The words that a member of the Pakistani government used on his social media account on Saturday on behalf of our President (Macron) and our state are shocking and humiliating. French diplomacy is very angry about this situation. We describe these shameless lies, fueled by the ideology of violence and hate, as disgusting” a statement from France's foreign ministry said.

In addition to his statement, a French Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Pakistan must correct these words and find a way of dialogue based on respect.

"Macron will apply to Muslims what the Nazis did to Jews," Pakistani Minister Mazari said in a post shared on his Twitter account on Saturday. “Muslim children will now be given identification numbers, just as Jews have to wear yellow stars on their clothes." Mazari added. However, the French Foreign Ministry said the Pakistani Minister's claims were unfounded.

On the other hand, against this reaction of France, the Pakistani Minister Mazari defended his claims and made another statement. "Instead of saying that my message is fake, read the source of the link I gave. If it's a fake, make it back off. Why can nuns wear headscarves in public places, but Muslim women can't use hijab? Isn't that discrimination? " the Pakistani minister said in a statement.

In the humor magazine of Samuel Paty, a history teacher in France, showed his cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad in class and was subsequently killed. French President Macron said on it was against freedom of expression. After Macron's announcement, violent street demonstrations against France had begun in Pakistan since September.

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