Mustafa AY – TDO – 22.09.2017 Lafarge, French cement producer, paid tribute to DAES militants so that they could uninterruptedly sustain their business in Syria. The negotiation amongst DAES and Lafarge was reportedly endorsed by USA and France. According to the allegation, Lafarge and DAES first met in Gaziantep.

Lafarge Company is claimed to pay tribute not only to DAES, but also to other terrorist organizations in the hot region. French Le Monde journal claimed that Lafarge yielded financial support to terrorism by paying tributes to many regional terrorist organizations including in al-Nusra (now Fateh al-Sham) with the aim of retaining its business in Syria in 2012-14. That Lafarge acquired the essential diplomatic permissions from French government to be able to steadily conduct its business in Syria is predicted. Otherwise, Lafarge’s existence in Syria – country of carnages and conflict- does not sound like reasonable. Meaning that such a big French company’s existence in Syria have to be with the implicit approval of French govt, no other way.

Following eruption of the illicit business of Lafarge on the news, Paris Chief Prosecutor took this annoying allegation in hand. Lafarge officials in charge of Syria business were taken under interrogation. During the interrogation, Lafarge officials stated that they first met with terrorists in 2012 and this meeting was within the information of White House. In addition to USA, DAES terrorist had the necessary support from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Lafarge officials added.

Lafarge’s director Bruno Pescheux in charge of Syria business shared the information about paying 20 thousand dollars to DAES, in his testimony. He also explained in his statement that Lafarge paid 100 thousand dollars tribute to DAES for free movement of Lafarge’s partner in Syria business whose name is Tiras Falas -the son of Bashar al-Assad’s former Defense Minister-.      

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