Selin ATAY-TDO- French politicians say they will totally rewrite part of a controversial security bill amid national outrage.

The group chairs of the ruling Movement for the March of the Republic (LREM), the Movement for Democracy (Modem) and the Agir party in the National Assembly held a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Jean Castex at the Elysee Palace. After the meeting, a press conference was held to answer questions on the agenda.

In his speech, LREM group deputy chairman Christophe Castaner argued that the article 24 of the security bill is intended to protect the security forces and freedom of the press.

Christophe Castaner said the article 24 was not well understood by the French and journalists. Castaner claimed that they did not want to ban the filming of security forces

“Article 24 will be completely rewritten and a new version will be submitted" Christophe Castaner, the head of President Emmanuel Macron's group of centrist MPs in parliament, said.

Castaner stressed that the doubts around Article 24 should be eliminated, and also noted that this article will be submitted to the government after it is rewritten.

As Castaner concluded his speech, he also stressed that they were determined to protect the security forces.

The security bill, which has received a lot of reaction in France, is especially criticized by press organizations and human rights associations because it can violate press freedom and increase police violence. More than 100 demonstrations were held across the country on November 28 against the security bill and rising police violence.

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