Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- French President Emmanuel Macron met with Mohammed al-Menfi, president of the Libyan Presidential Council, and his deputy Musa al-Koni at the Elysee Palace.

Speaking at a joint press conference after the meeting, Macron said he had positive dialogues with Menfi in order to stabilize Libya and that the meeting went very well.

Macron said there would be no peace in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, the Sahel region, and Africa if stability and peace were not achieved in Libya and terrorist organizations and traffickers were not eliminated.

Macron said France supports Libya and owes it to Libya and its people.

"If stability and peace are not achieved in Libya, if terrorist organizations and traffickers who destabilize your country and the region are not eliminated, there will be no peace in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, the Sahel region and Africa," Macron said in a statement, adding that Libyans have a right to live in a stable country.

Macron said in his statement that a ceasefire should be achieved in Libya and that election should be held at the end of the year.

France and Europe will help Libya, Macron said, adding that this will be raised at the European Union (EU) Leaders' Summit.

Macron said he would discuss the Libyan issue with the presidents of Niger, Chad, and Egypt.

Macron advertised the reopening of the French Embassy in Tripoli on March 29th.

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