The Diplomatic Observer has interviewed Professor James Shields, an expert on French politics.- Why were the regional elections in France so significant?These were regional elections with national stakes. They were the first test of public political opinion since the terrorist atrocities of November 13th in Paris and they were contested in the shadow of those atrocities. They were also the last opportunity to gauge the electoral standing of the political parties and potential candidates just 16 months before the critical presidential elections of 2017. So they were important in themselves, since they are held to elect the assemblies to run metropolitan France’s 13 regions(including Corsica) and some overseas territories for the next six years; but they were also important as a barometer of the national mood and the political climate in France as we begin to near the end of President Hollande’s term in office. By James Shields
Professor of French Politics
Aston University, UKYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of January

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