In France the strikes declared by trade unions are affecting daily life, as well as rail and air travel. The people, who are already finding things difficult due to the weeks long strikes have worse in store.
Union representatives have said that they will continue industrial action for as long as the government refuses to listen to them, pull back the proposed labour law and “produce projects to the betterment of French businesses and workers.”
The new labour legislation that the government has proposed has drawn strong reaction for increasing working hours and making it easier to lay off workers. The strikes are also intended to protest against public budget cuts.
In transportation, state railway firm SNCF’s high speed services will be cut down by 50 per cent. Air France pilots have declared a strike for the coming week. Last week queues had formed outside oil stations when refinery workers took industrial action. So far, the government has refused to back down in the face of strikes.
Mete Ersöz

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