Mustafa AY – TDO – 30.03.2018 Following the phone call between US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emanuel Macron, their press offices released the details briefly. According to the briefings, two leaders discussed about the matters ranging from newly enforced tariffs on Chinese steel and aliminium, Russian alleged nerve attack on Russian spy in London to Turkey’s legitimate military operation against YPG in Afrin. They both agreed on the diplomatic step for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from many EU countries as well as agree on the issue of the support for YPG in Manbij.

On Thursday, Emanuel Macron stated that France will take part in Manbij in order to support YPG. The aim of this move to be taken is that France and USA have a total unanimity and eagerness to eliminate the ongoing conflicts and disputes in Northern Syria and to bring the stability and peace to the region again. For this so-called pretexts of stability and peace, France is reportedly going to deploy its forces to endorse YPG as they pledged YPG leaders to do so, on forthcoming days. These words may trigger the diplomatic uproar between Turkey and France. Because prior to these statements of Macron, Turkish President R.T Erdoğan steadily underlined the fact that Turkey will not deviate from its cause of purging the Northern Syria from the illegitimate terrorist organisation YPG regadless of whoever backs them up.

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