İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-09.08.2017- Above 240,000 people signed a petition via against Macron’s apply to declare his wife, Brigitte Macron to be titled as the new first lady (Première Dame) .

During his presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron stated his desire to establish a new bureucratic position similar to President of USA’s wife, as being the ‘’ First Lady’’of the country, with her own workers and assitants to be hired. Also, Macron underlined that there would be no spared portion fot his position from the national budget. However, his opponents criticize this idea as it is a try to ‘’ Americanization’’of French politics.

Founder of the campaign in, Thierry Paul Valette, talked to Reuters news agency and  stated ‘’ They try to block MP’s to hire their spouses but  they also work to create a legal basis to except Mrs. Macron. This is a contorversy’’.  Her campaingn was signed by 3,000 people.

Moreover, according a poll published by the Huffington Post in May, about 68% of French citizens are against to found such a position and the title.

It is significant to remind that before the presidential elections, candidate Francois Fillon attempted to use Parliamentary grant for his wife by falsely declaring Mrs. Fillon as a worker. This scandal led a drastic decrease in Conservative Party’s votes.


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