Mustafa AY – TDO – 04.10.2017 Today, Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s former President, lost his life. Talabani rose to the prominence with his harmonious and positive attitudes towards USA during his presidency that he undertook at the time of Iraq’s invasion by US forces. In 2012, when Jalal Talabani was maintaining his rule, he had a brain hemorrhage. He couldn’t keep his rule on because of his heavy health problems.

In 2014, Jalal Talabani’s presidency was taken over by his successor and also his associate in his party, Kurdistan Patriotic Union, as it had to be. Fuad Masum’s rule completed its 3rd year. During this process, Jalal Talabani disappeared from the politics, even if he reportedly recovered from his disease in 2014. This complex situation led the emergence of speculations regarding his health condition. For example, he allegedly fell into vegetative state. The second of those speculations is that he’s already died, but covered up. Today, official press conference to inform the public about his death put an end on all those speculations. Following press conference, many prominent countries like especially USA and Turkey gave their condolences to Talabani’s family and Iraq.    

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