Selin ATAY-TDO-Former Nepalese prime minister Madhav Kumar of Nepal said the Kashmir issue was affecting India-Pakistan relations, so it should be resolved appropriately by discussion.

Madhav Kumar Nepal recalled the annulment of Article 370 of the Constitution granting privileges to Jammu Kashmir by India on 5 August. He said this decision by India was a negative reflection on India-Pakistan relations.

The former Nepalese Prime Minister stressed that as a neighboring country they are in favor of solving the problem, and he continued:

"Without proper dialogue, matters will not be resolved. As neighboring country Nepal, as a member of the South Asia Regional Cooperation Organization (SAARC), we need to see and find a solution to the problem as part of the same South Asia platform. It's a problem between India and Pakistan. Similar problems are occurring between India and Nepal, as well as between India and other SAARC countries. So it becomes very difficult for us Nepalese people to deal with the details of all this. Because we already have our own problems with the SAARC region, especially India."

Nepal has stated that war and tension have never brought solutions, but rather that dialogue, trust and win-win based solutions are needed. In his speech, Nepal also warned about climate change; he said melting snow and glaciers would not only be limited to Nepal, but also affect Island and coastal countries including India and Bangladesh.

India revoked Article 370 of the Constitution, which had granted privileges to Jammu Kashmir for more than half a century, on 5 August, abolishing the region's special status structure and dividing the province in two. Following the decision, Indian security forces intensified public security operations in Jammu Kashmir and pressure on the public, with the administrators and members of all local parties in the region detained.

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