Selin ATAY-TDO- François Hollande, a former president of France, has sharply criticized Turkey on issues of the Caucasus, the Eastern Mediterranean, Syria and Libya. The former President said Turkey's membership in NATO should be "questioned" and demanded "clarity" on Ankara's membership.

Appealing the Armenian community near Paris, the former president criticized Turkey's support for the Azerbaijani army in the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. Because of this move, Turkey's presence in NATO should be "questioned", the former President said.

François Hollande also sharply criticized Ankara over tensions between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"How can NATO, a pact based on automatic solidarity at a time of threat, accept the threat of one member country, Turkey, another NATO member, Greece, in the Mediterranean? (...) How can we leave Turkey with full immunity in the Atlantic pact, built on democracy and freedoms? It's time to clarify the situation. Europe needs to do this, and Europe cannot be blackmailed by suggesting the rescue of migrants," he said.

François Hollande has criticized Turkey's policy in Syria and Libya, questioning its membership in NATO.

"How can NATO tolerate Turkey's presence in Libya and fueling the chaos there? (...) How can NATO justify Turkey's retaliation from Russia, despite the fact that it contradicts all the rules of the institution? “

In his speech, the former President also called on the Paris administration. François asked France, the United States and Russia to end their intervention in Turkey and call for a mandatory ceasefire. François demanded that international sanctions be imposed if this is not observed.

François Hollande, 66, was president of France from 2012-2017. Hollande was defeated against Emmanuel Macron in the second presidential election in his 5-year term.

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