Hassam Hameed-TDO-17.02.2018- Steve Bannon has been questioned, allegation is colluding with the Russians to help Donald Trump win 2016 elections. Inquiry is being head by Robert Mueller who is the special counsel. He was questioned before as well by House intelligence committee, but did not answer any questions which could have brought required information out.

Former chief strategist is been questioned for his previous role as chairman of Trump’s Presidential election campaign. Allegations are that Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to favour Trump’s presidential bid. He was questioned for nearly twenty hours, and is said to have answered all the questions. Russia has denied any involvement.

Furthermore, four other separate inquiries are being conducted by politicians in the congress. He appeared there on Thursday but is said to have not answer any questions except for 25 pre-written ones. This had the committee very frustrated. "He did not answer all the questions we'd like answered, so there was frustration among committee members with respect to that" said Republican Representative Mike Conaway.

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