Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.03.2018 Ex-Catalan leader Charles Puigdemont was taken into custody by German authorities on Sunday, while Puigdemont was crossing the border from Finland. Following the detention, Spanish Public Prosecution Office reportedly prepared the official documents so as to request German counterparts for the extradition of Puigdemont to Spain.

On Friday, Spanish Constitutional Court reput the international arrestment warrant for Puigdemont on agenda. This was a progress that urged Puigdemont to flee to Finland, claimed Spanish officials. However, on the other side of the boat, Catalan leader’s solicitor claims the opposite suggesting that Puigdemont was making an official visit to Finland.

On Sunday, the detention of controversial Catalan leader Puigdemont occupied many minds with the question “German authorities was coerced to conduct the apprehension of the controversial leader by Spanish authorities?” This question seemingly remains unclear since the both countries officials have refrained from releasing any statement about that.

According to the news from Sputnik, German Federal Public Prosecution Office needs to conclude with a harsh decision concerning the issue of extradition of Puigdemont within the limited time of 60 days. If German judicial authorities rejects the call by Spanish counterparts, then both countries’ diplomatic relations founded on mutual credibility might probably be undermined inevitably.

After the news about detention of Puigdemont spread across autonomous region Catalonia, many Catalans marched into Barcelona streets to demonstrate against Spanish central government since they’ve endorsed the secession of Catalonia from Spain, so Puigdemont’ cause. Once thousands of proponents of Puigdemont appeared on the streets, Spanish central government intensified the crackdowns in the city so that they could accomplish the insurmountable that is to disperse the angry crowds. To be able to do that, Spanish police threw tear gases and used pressured water on the demonstrators, but couldn’t manage to supress them thoroughly.

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