News of Theresa May’s appointment as new Prime Minister of UK is stil echoing, yet now new cabinet of the state is decided. Boris Johnson who will serve as Foreign Secretary is the most spectacular name in the new cabinet. The term ‘foreign affairs’ and Boris Johnson cannot be associated which caused many rough, mocking and creative criticism to be employed by several different fractions. Hence, if an evaluation is to be made about him based on his previous speeches, the most fitting descriptive word would be ‘straightforward’. Johnson who made rough and even to the stage of insult about Obama, Hilary Clinton and Erdogan is descend from Turk journalist Ali Kemal and catch one’s attention by his isolationist and lively political character. Here some of his out of ordinary comments and the reflections from the world on his appearence as foreign secretary.After Obama has removed Churchill’s statue in White House, Johnson stated Obama being a part-Kenyan who ancestarily dislike British empire is the cause of his decision.About George W. Bush, Johnson used words ‘cross-eyed Texan warmonger’ and he claimed Bush is the symbol of US arrogant foreign policy.BoJo who described Hillary Clinton runs for precidency as a ‘sadictic nurse in mental hospital’ also told the posibility of meeting Donald Trump is the only reason why he does not go to New York.First reaction from the States has come from US State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner about Johnson’s appointement as Foreign Secretary who has had angering commens about several American leaders. Toner has been seen trying to stop his chuckling on the topic and what he thinks about it, hence he claimed US and UK have a special relationship that goes before persons while telling they are looking to work wih the new Prime Minister.Johnson who has made rough comments about Erdogan and stated he sympathizes with PKK faced Binali Yıldırım’s expression of ‘May Allah reform him’.Johnson also accused Angela Merkel by humbly bowing to Turkey.BoJo who resembled Vladimir Putin to home-elf Dobby of Harry Potter continued to his comment by describing Putin as a ruthless and manipulative tyrant.In his writing in 2002, Johnson connected the silence of gunfire and cease of violance to white British tax-payers, he continued his racist speech by describing Papua New Guinea citizens as cannibals in 2006.The most important detail about Boris Johnson’s current political standing is him being a hardcore ‘leave’ supporter of Brexit. BoJo who does not approve the ideal of European Union, compared the Union to Hitler and Napoleon while claiming a United European dream will never happen.As Boris Johnson’s unexpected appointment continues to draw reactions from states, politicians, experts and social media; it’s being said with a sarcastic tone that BoJo searches for ‘What does Foreign Secretary do?’ in Google.

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