Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.08.2017 In Europe, the food crisis emanating from contaminated eggs with the pesticide fipronil is escalating. Following its emergence, EU officials stated that 15 countries in the Union and non-member of EU –Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, UK, Austria, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland ordered to pull all contaminated eggs and the foods deriving from egg, and still on. According to EU’ food regulation, usage of fipronil in food sector is banned irrespective of whether it works for killing all inspects and harmful bacteria, because it causes irreparable damage to human health.

World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement pointing out that, in case of large quantity in consumption, then human body/organs such as kidneys, liver and thyroid glands would most likely be subject to irreparable damage and even biological breakdown. Switzerland has just detected contaminated eggs in its food markets. This news resulted in public anxiety like “what if we suffer from it”. Swiss Food Safety Authority (OSAV) said “As a result of official scrutiny, the possibility of an emergence of vast-scale health problems in the society is nearly zero. That’s why, the quantity the society consumed those contaminated eggs is very low. If they had consumed more, their health conditions would have been endangered”. Therefore, this official explanation calmed those who ate eggs.

Following all the unpleasant and bothersome progresses, Daniel Rosario –EU Commission Spokesman- uttered that EU minister’s meeting is scheduled for 26 September. The one of the main agenda that will be discussed in the meeting is this food crisis we are confronting with. Right after Rosario’s explanation, Mina Andreeva –EU Commission Spokeswoman- highlighted “we don’t think of rescheduling EU ministers meeting. We are planning to spread this food crisis over a period that help us examine the crisis’s factors like -who led this crisis or how happened- “.   

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