Şimal Çınar –TDO- According to the news from Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland’s highest circulating newspaper in Swedish Language, Finland’s new Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen who sworn into office on Monday is ready to accept 10.000 refugees in Finland. The number that the second-generation MP and former Trade Minister Mykkänen suggests is ten times the current number that Finland accepts.

However, Mykkänen said giving the asylum seekers priority is a prerequisite. He stated to the national broadcaster that "We need to find less bad solutions than people smuggling their way into Europe and then wandering from country to country. For now, asylum seekers are mostly limited to those who have the money and the ability to move." Mykkänen stressed the importance of not cherry-picking foreign skilled workers but guarantee the successful integration of all legal immigrants in the Nordic country.

Mykkänen also stressed that such a step would require coordinated efforts from other EU countries. The minister said he was prepared to follow the government's line and was unwilling to cause major changes in the number of quota refugees unless fellow EU countries chose to change their routines accordingly.

While Mykkänen’s stance on this point was welcomed by his fellow National Coalition Party members, it caused strong criticisms from the right-wing Finns Party. In a statement that was published at the Finns Party newspaper it was said that "There are thousands of people living in Finland illegally right now. At the same time, we get a National Coalition minister who is ready to green-light an increase the number of quota refugees in the future. This is in no way possible for Finland."


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