Selin ATAY-TDO- Chinese President Shi Jinping's anti-waste policy has become law. In August, the Chinese President said that food waste across the country has reached incredible proportions. "Waste is a shame, frugality is an honorable behavior," he said.

After the president’s remarks about waste, local governments took action and started efforts to reduce portions of meals served in restaurants and prevent leftovers. Video sharing encouraging overeating, which first appeared in Korea, was also banned.

The draft law, proposed to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Tuesday, would impose penalties on businesses that encourage customers to "order too much food." Meanwhile, restaurants are expected to be given the power to fine customers who leave more leftovers than the food they order.

Radio, television and online content producers who encourage excessive food consumption and waste have also been fined. Under the new regulations, organizations that continue to publish such publications despite official warnings from the authorities can be fined up to 100 thousand Chinese yuan, and businesses ' working licenses can be suspended.

Between 17 and 18 million tons of food was wasted in 2015 in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, according to a report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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