News Center -TDO-In cooperation with the Mamak Municipality and the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, a special photography exhibition was held for the 3rd anniversary of Fidel Castro's death.

The exhibition was attended by Mamak Mayor Murat Köse and Cuba’ Ambassador to Turkey Ambassador Luis Alberto Amoros Núñez, as well as ambassadors and invited guests, which was held at Mamak Cultural Center and where guests could saw memorable photographs of Fidel were taken by Cuba's master photographers Roberto Salas, Liborio Noval, Alberto Korda and Roberto Chile.

The mayor of Mamak, Murat Köse, who made the opening speech, thanked the ambassadors and invited guests for attending the opening of the exhibition. Cuba and Turkey are two close and friendly countries, Köse said. Mr. Köse added “We know that there are values that Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk implemented in the struggle for independence and democracy, and that the Cuban Revolution is fed by these values, and that Fidel Castro is a friend of Ataturk and Turkey.”

Cuba’s Ambassador to Turkey Luis Alberto Amoros Núñez said: "Fidel's stamp has been eagerness for all who continue to believe that it is possible to build a utopia in this world, to resist the opposition and harsh hostility of the most powerful, and to face honor.

Today we Cubans sing our songs to Fidel and try to express our gratitude to him.

Thank you for being with us again.

The memorable photographs of Fidel we exhibit here take us on a historic tour of Fidel's monumental revolutionary work. These photos help to remember why Fidel is a global paradigm of respectability, resistance, anti-imperialism and solidarity.

Fidel led the overthrow of a bloody and powerful dictatorship;

He led a radical and socialist revolution that became an example of global inclusion and social justice;

The history of the Latin American continent has changed, revealing the possibility of developing and embodying a socio-political and economic project of its own there, despite the active and stubborn opposition of the most powerful power on the planet.

Fidel transcended history by supporting and leading Cuban solidarity. He displayed a solidarity that helped defeat colonialism and apartheid in Africa, where hundreds of thousands of Cubans shared their sacrifices and blood.

Under Fidel's guidance, we brought only the remains of those lost in the war. We didn't always want to do what emperors who went to Africa to rant and steal did.

With this solidarity, Fidel convinced the Cuban people that hundreds of thousands of Cuban doctors would serve all over the world. Hundreds of people in Africa's sister countries have fought Ebola. It currently cooperates with about 30 thousand Cuban medical personnel in 65 countries. Today, the U.S. government is trying to reject these programs

In contrast to being one of the richest revolutionaries and rich leaders of the twentieth century, Fidel has been a leader who is deprived, vulnerable, hungry, illiterate, who has given millions of suffering people access to health and broad discrimination and equality.

These values have been embraced not only by the vast majority of the Cuban people, but also by hundreds of millions of people across the world.”

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