Serhat TUNAR  -TDO- The streets of the city of Lyon are lit up like every year with the festival of light 'Fêtes Des Lumières', which was held in the shadow of the pension reform protests that paralyzed France this year and coincided with the 'yellow vests' actions that started after fuel hikes in the country last year.

Thursday (December 5th and 8th) began the 'Fêtes Des Lumières', which caused around 2 million visitors to flock to Lyon.

Every year, dozens of artists from different countries present their works for the festival to the delight of the visitors.

The people of Lyon started to light a candle in front of their houses every year to thank the Virgin Mary for surviving the plague that plagued the city in the 17th century. First celebrated as a religious feast on 8 December 1852, the 'Fête des Lumière' became a glitzy festival step by step after the municipality undertook the organization in 1989.

The festival of Light, which began as a religious tradition, has become a major art event today, showcasing the most advanced design, technology and artistic works.

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