News Center -TDO- Ferrero Turkey announced its 9th Sustainability Report, in which they stated their global and local social responsibility projects in 2018, in an event hosted by Italia’s Ambassador to Turkey Massimo Gianni at Italian Embassy, Ankara.

Ambassador Massimo Gianni, Chairman of Ferrero Turkey Aldo Kaslowski, Honorary President of Ferrero Turkey Carlo Marsili, ambassadors and many other guests attended to the event.

Ambassador Massimo Gianni made the opening speech at the event.

Honorary President of Turkey Ferrero, Carlo Marsili said that Ferrero's story, began in 1946 near Turin. Regarding the  Kinder Pingui produced in the factory in Manisa, Marsili stated that Kinder Milk Slice and Nutella is notoriously worldwide, these products of Turkey as well as Europe, the Middle East, exported to North Africa and India.

Stating that Ferrero's general approach is "to share value to create value", Marsili said, "This sharing, quality, innovation, importance to people, support to local communities, transparent communication, encouraging active lifestyle among young people and families, commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, environmental protection and the fight against child labor abuse.

According to the 2019 assessment of the Global Reputation Institute, Ferrero is ranked 19th among the top 100 most respected companies in the world. Ferrero Turkey Chairman Aldo Kaslowski reminded that the company is the only chocolate and confectionery company among the top 20 companies on the list.

Kaslowski stated that as one of the leading buyers of Turkish hazelnuts accelerated investment in Turkey in Manisa in 2013 and pointed out that the factory has become one of the most important plant group and added: "In 2014, by establishing Ferrero Hazelnut, we also played an important role in the processing of Turkish hazelnuts, turning them into finished products and semi-finished products. In our factory in Manisa, the production of important brands of Ferrero, especially Nutella, is carried out and exports to 100 countries. We make a great contribution to exports by selling our products using Turkish hazelnuts to 35 countries in 6 continents of the world."

Kaslowski said that, with this devotion in 2012, the Black Sea Region to increase the quality of hazelnut and hazelnut farmers in order to ensure a sustainable income in the Ferrero Valuable Agricultural Applications Program.

The potential of Turkey and Eurasia is very big and very important Kaslowski stressed and said, "Turkey is one of the most important countries in terms of investment opportunities."

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