İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-27.09.2017- French President, Emmanuel Macron, called to establish a European army that has one budget and one agenda.

On Tuesday, during his two-hour long speech at the Paris-Sorbonne University, Macron presented his views about the future of EU and specifically touched upon defense. He said European Union would need common Rapid Reaction Forces, a single defense budget and a common doctrine for action plus a common civil defense forces and joint border police. Also, he stated that none of these would replace NATO.

In June, the European Commission decided to launch the European Defense Fund which would be created to supplement member state’s security and support them in obtaining military equipment. 

Following the decision, President of the European Comission, Jean-Claude Juncker, stated that the union could not ‘’outsource’’ it’s security anymore.

At this point, it is significant to remind that Britain which is busy with it’s divorce treaty with the union, was always against the idea as it would eventually harm NATO.

In this sense, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s semi-victory means a lot because as the finance master of the union Germany and main protector of EU, got it’s worst  degree and would probably care more on interior issues.  Right after the elections, Merkel denounced that their priorities would be combat against radicalism and preserving  stability in the union. Still her words mean a lot for the future of EU and Macron as his main partner. 

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