In continuing protests in Greece, farmers have shut down the Gümülcine-Kýrcaali (Xanthi-Kardzhali) highway for 72 hours.
The high taxes imposed on agriculture by the Greek government and the changes it is trying to make to the social security law have not been accepted by many farmers, who are increasingly taking action to protest.
Hüseyin Esat, President of the Cooperation of Tobacco Producers of Thrace had previously said “We will shut off the international highway around the village of Tihiro, 17 kilometres from the Makas-Nimyefa border crossing with automobiles and tractors.” Esat has also said “We do not intend to topple the government. All we want is a solution to the financial difficulties of farmers. If our problems are not solved, we will not be able to support our families.”
Hüseyin Esat, President of the Cooperation of Tobacco Producers of Thrace, had also said that the decision to shut down the Gümülcine-Kýrcaali Highway was a joint decision of tobacco producers and farm owners in Macedonia and Thrace.
Some media in Greece reported on important arteries in the region being cut off for 72 hours.
In recent days, around 1,000 farmers had protested in central Athens against tax hikes and the government’s proposed changes to the social security institutions. During the rally farmers had thrown stones at the Ministry of Agriculture building and windows had been shattered.

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