Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Two suspects who were found to have conned elderly people over the phone by introducing themselves as police have been detained in Germany. Individuals, in this way earned a total of 61 thousand euros were transferred to Turkey was determined.

Two men thought to be members of a fake police gang were arrested in Bremen on Thursday, according to information from the prosecutor's office in Kiel, Germany. Two people, ages 22 and 18, are being held in suspicious custody. The suspects are accused of posing as police in Ahrensburg and Kiel as members of a gang, collecting money from victims.

The perpetrators of this scam, which has been going on since 2015, are causing people to withdraw large sums of money. Victims are told to hand over the money they have withdrawn to undercover detectives near their residence.

Officials said The Lion's share of the money earned by the fraudsters was flowing to collaborators in Turkey. The prosecutor's office also announced an international arrest warning for suspects in Turkey.

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