There is an interesting catchword in the Social Network movie as; ‘’Humans lived in farms, later they lived in cities and now they will live in the internet’’. Social media enable free blogging and comfortable way of self-expression to regular people. There are billions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users in the World. There are both addicts and critics,especially for Facebook. There were strong criticisms for Facebook as they are enabling fake news or led people to reach disqualified sites of false news. Even some people attributed Trump’s victory to it.

Recently, Zuckerberg announced that they were working on a new system to avoid spread of fake news, called The News Feed Algorithm, roll out a new way for people to report stories that they think are fake.  If enough people do so, they will be sent off to fact-checking organisations who will look into them and check out whether they have a ground or not. Moreover, new system foresees a punishment for people who share fake news. If a person usually shares fake news, their profile will be marked, automatically they will lose their credibility and this will leadto a decrease in their profits, coming from the number of their visitors.

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