A suicide attack took place at the emergency department of a government-run hospital in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta has claimed at least 65 lives and wounded more than 95. The blast occured shortly after the president of Balochistan Bar Association, Bilal Anwer Kasi, was shot to death by unknown assailants and brought to the hospital, where he was accompanied by a group of lawyers and journalists who were mourning the saddening loss of a prominent colleague.While it is true that (especially after 2014)ISIS stands as the organization that comes to mind whenever a terrorist attack takes place,Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) faction Jamat-ul-Ahrar was behind the hand that moved against innocent lives this time. Navaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan,condemned the atrocity and stated that he demanded from the state authorities to tighten the security and make sure that the wounded receive the best treatment possible. Al Jazeera correspondant Kamal Hyder subsequently reported from Islamabad, and emphasized on the security lapse that allowed the attack to take place. He also claimed that as a result of this attack, despite that security has been tightened, the legal fraternity in Balochistan is going to demand more protection.
Bordering both Iran and Afghanistan, Balochistan has been constantly inflicted by terrorist attacks in the past,which were mostly inflicted by Al-Qaeda. The intensive conflict between Sunnis and Shias and the acts of seperatist rebel groups in the regionmakes it possible to say that as a state, Balochistan is by no means a stranger to such violence.While governments around the world continuously declare that they are fighting against terrorism by every possible means, it is possible to state that another important responsibility falls into the hands of media organizations and individuals. In the face of claims arguing that violence has become systemic and that societies around the world have begun to get accustomed to it, we must raise awareness across the globe regarding the destructive and indiscriminate nature of terrorism and focus more on the reasons and dynamics –no matter how complex they are- that led to the establishment of suchorganizations and the atrocities they committed.By Ata Mert Aladağ

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