İrem GÖL -TDO- The Pakistani journalist, Sajid Hussain, who was exiled in Sweden, has been found dead in a river. Sajid has been missing since the 2nd of March. He was last seen boarding a train to Uppsala. A police spokesman Jonas Eronen confirmed that his body was found in Fyris river outside Uppsala on 23rd of April. He added the possibility of a crime is still there, but Sajid’s death could also be an accident or suicide.

Sajid Hussain left Pakistan after revealing the details about forced disappearances and human rights violations in the Balochistan region in 2012. His reporting on the issue caused police raiding his house and interrogating his family. He also received death threats. He was granted political asylum in Sweden in 2019 after residing sometime in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Uganda. He had continued his journalism online from abroad reporting about drug trafficking, forced disappearances and long-running insurgency.

Erik Halkjaer, the head of the Swedish branch of Reporters without Borders said: “As long as a crime cannot be excluded, there remains the risk that his death is linked to his work as a journalist.” He also told that Sajid’s controversial profile meant it could not be ruled out that he had been abducted and killed at the behest of a Pakistani intelligence agency.

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