Hassam Hameed-TDO- 04.11.2017- This Friday former Prime Minister Nawaz sharif, his daughter Maryam and son-in-law Captain Safdar appeared in the accountability court of Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif has been charged with undeclared offshore companies and assets. Mr. Sharif was disqualified earlier this year by Supreme Court for receiving unreported income of $10000 from undeclared sources.

Panama papers of 2016 has linked Sharif’s children to offshore companies. The offshore companies and wealth were not reported in their wealth statement. Though Panama paper’s suggested that Maryam was the beneficial owner of the luxurious flats in London, her claim was that she was only the trustee and her brother has been the beneficial owner. The Trust deed that was presented during the trial dated back to 2006, which the British forensic expert declared to be fake and falsified because the Calibri Font it was typed in did not exist until 2007.

It is hinted that the offshore companies were used to launder money, to avoid taxes and hide their unscrupulous accumulation of wealth.

Nawaz Sharif complained throughout that his case is being treated differently. Though Sharif said he would continue his support for independent Judiciary. But this is in contrast to what happened in recent court hearings, where there was chaos and racket inside the courtroom orchestrated by Sharif’s party workers and lawyers.

Nawaz Sharif wife is ill and hospitalized in UK. Son’s of Nawaz will stay in UK near to their mother and will not be able appear in court hearings. But Nawaz Sharif has returned to face the trial. He will continue appearing along with his daughter and son-in-law. On Friday the hearing was adjourned to 7th of November as court did not receive orders from IHC(Islamabad High Court) to combine together the three references against the Ex premier.


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