Selin ATAY-TDO- Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced a state of emergency to defend democracy after claiming ‘prepared the coup’ with foreign powers amid growing tensions over the election.

Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, has accused opposition leaders and foreign powers of attempting a “coup” against him amid growing tensions over the result of Sunday’s desperately tight election.

In an angry televised speech on Wednesday, Bolivian President EvoMorales said: “A coup d’état is under way. The right wing prepared the coup with international support.” . He called on his supporters to “mobilize peacefully” and be “prepared to defend democracy” in a country with a history of violent street protests.

Explaining that he had triumphantly left the election and that the people had elected him to lead Bolivia for the fourth time, “We won by more than half a million votes, it is a great victory. We guaranteed economic growth, and wanted to bring social peace, social justice, equality. But international forces, who oppose the will of the people, are attempting a coup by using the right-wingers,” Morales said.

Morales went into elections needing 40% of votes and a 10-point margin of victory to avoid a second-round runner against the main opposition candidate, Carlos Mesa. By Wednesday afternoon 97% of the official results had been processed, giving him 46.49% and a 9.5-point lead.

When the Supreme Election Board halted the vote count on security grounds, protesters began attacking areas where voting materials were stored, claiming the election was rigged. As a result, protests have been ongoing in Bolivia since Monday.

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