News Center -TDO- Hosted by Polish Ambassador to Turkey Jakup Kumoch and Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Sybiha, the event ‘Crimea: 7 years of occupation and resistance’ was organized due to the 7th year of the illegal annexation of the Republic of Crimea, which is under the territory and sovereignty of Ukraine.

The event, held at the Polish Embassy, was attended by ambassadors and invitees.

Polish Ambassador to Turkey Jakub Kumoch, who gave the opening speech at the event, stated that Poles know well what it means to be deprived of their homeland and continued their statements as follows: " Dear Crimean friends, you are our brothers. Like you, we lost our country. We know what it's like to be a victim of genocide, and we, like you, have passed through the Central Asian steppes."

Ambassador Kumoch stressed that Poles are hopeful for Crimea and continued his words as follows: "We have saved our country, and you will get your land back. Now feel at home here. I assure you, Poland will never recognize the illegal occupation of your country.”

Noting that Russia's aggression was not only aimed at Ukraine, Kumoch said it would be disrespectful to the victims to think that 2014 and the war were over.

Andrii Sybiha, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey, said that Russia invaded Crimea 7 years ago and that no one understood what really happened.

Ambassador Sybiha recalled that since 2014, more than 50 thousand Crimeans have been forced to leave their homes and said: "Russia, on the other hand, is deliberately changing the composition of the local population by bringing its citizens to Crimea. About half a million Russians have already settled in the stolen territory."

Ambassador Sybiha, who said that Crimeans have witnessed difficulties from the Kremlin, continued his words as follows: "7 years have passed, but the passage of time will never allow the international community to forget the illegal actions of Russia, it will never change the fact that Crimea is and always will be Ukraine. Justice will prevail."

Mustafa Abdulcemil Kirimoglu, a leader of the Crimean Tatar Turks and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, who attended the event via video conference, said that such events are a good opportunity to convey the situation in occupied Crimea to the competent authorities and people.

The event featured a documentary and exhibition commemorating the illegal annexation of Crimea. The event ended with a concert by Ukrainian violinist Yevgeniy Kostrytsky and pianist Rustam Rahmedov.

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