Selin ATAY-TDO- In Europe, those who are vaccinated against the novel type of coronavirus (Covid-19) gain advantages. In Germany, people who injected the Covid-19 vaccine are exempt from quarantine. Those who want to go to the EU from countries such as Turkey, which has been declared a risk zone, will be able to obtain a visa if they have injected the Covid-19 vaccine.

The German state of Saxony-Anhalt has imposed a provision that those who received the Covid-19 vaccine "will not comply with the quarantine obligation." According to this, a person who has vaccinated does not have to be quarantined, even if it comes from the risk zone.

Turkey is also in the risk zone for the European Union, and visa appointments have been stopped. In this case, it seems that the opening of visa appointments only for those who have been vaccinated will be on the agenda. Thus, the tourist visa, which has been stopped for about 9 months, will only be issued "on the condition of vaccination". For those who travel to Turkey with a German passport or session, the Covid-19 Test will be replaced by the "Covid-19 vaccine requirement".

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