Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The European Union, due to drilling in the eastern Mediterranean has announced the sanctions taken against Turkey. Decisions within the scope of withdrawal of funds provided to Turkey's high-level meeting to be revised and the European Investment Bank financial assistance for Turkey.

Held in Brussels with the participation of EU foreign ministers after the Council on Foreign Relations meeting in a written statement on the issue, the European Union's high-level talks to stop the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement with Turkey; Turkey - EU Association Council to be made of high-level meetings, including the decisions taken at the meeting said. The Council of the European Union, the Commission's proposal to reduce the Turkey pre-accession assistance fund for 2020 was approved. According to this decision, to Turkey by the EU pre-accession funding will be cuts in exported 146 million euros.

The statement said further that Turkey's Cyprus followed the situation closely due to resume drilling activities in open and re-evaluation of the issues that were mentioned as necessary.

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