Serhat TUNAR –TDO-  Less than six months before the European Parliament elections, Hanne Cokelaere from the news agency POLITICO, which has been online since 2015 in Europe, published a detailed research paper on December 28, which concretes the topics that can affect the votes of voters.[1]

First of all, it is important to note that Europe, especially the social democrats, attaches great importance to this election. The Party of European Socialists had held a congress in early December on the issue and designated joint candidates.[2]

The priorities of the voters in the south and north of Europe vary and their views on the current problems vary. The common concern of voters is that the European elections are very vulnerable to foreign interference. Voters agree that most leaders do not strive to reduce risks.

 In most member states, immigration is one of the top three issues that voters think should be discussed before the European elections. On the other hand, economic problems and youth unemployment are among the issues that cause the most concern for the members of the Union which are the coasts of the Mediterranean. Another interesting detail of the study is the concern about climate change among the top three issues in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, whose welfare is relatively high. This issue has not been in the top three in any of the other countries.

In general, few voters feel that the life conditions will worsen in the next five years when the next European Parliament ends its mandate. However, the number of people who think their lives will be better is quite few, voters think that the next period will be stagnant.

 Europeans agree that the biggest danger facing the union is the terrorist attacks. However, the voters in Sweden, Hungary, Austria and Estonia seem very uneasy about the poor management of the immigration issue. Some of the voters see political extremism as the biggest problem that the union will face.

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