Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The European Parliament announced that British Prime Minister Boris Jonhson's recent Brexit proposal to the European Union was not the basis for an agreement.

Guy Verhofstadt, President of the European Parliament's Steering Group for Brexit, said Boris Johnson's proposal did not address the border issue between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Verhofstadt said in a statement from the social media account that the UK's proposals do not provide the necessary guarantees for Ireland.

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson submitted his latest proposal to the European Union regarding Brexit. British Prime Minister, if the proposal is not accepted by the European Union announced that they will come out unanimous.

The proposal, which Johnson says they have made various concessions, envisions the removal of a precautionary clause that could lead the entire UK to remain in the common market for an indefinite period, due to Northern Ireland.

The most important reason for the rejection of the agreement reached by the European Union in the proposal of the UK is replaced by a new regulation that includes controls at the ports of the Irish Sea and away from the border line in Ireland.

Accordingly, Great Britain, consisting of England, Wales and Scotland, plans to sign a trade agreement with the EU by the end of 2020.

Northern Ireland, on the other hand, will leave the customs union with the European Union after the transition process that will last until 2021. However, it will remain committed to single-market regulations on agricultural foods and industrial products for four years.

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