Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The European Union has launched a breaching process on Britain, which has announced it will not nominate candidates for the new commission.

A written statement by the European Union Commission said Britain's failure to nominate candidates for the new administration, citing early general elections in the country, violated the Treaties of the European Union.

The statement added that as part of the breach process, the UK has until 22th of November to give its opinion and the deadline is short for the new commission to take office as soon as possible.

The Brexit process was reviewed by the UK's letter stating it would not nominate candidates for the new commission, stressing that member states could not justify provisions in the internal judicial system not enforcing European Union law.

The statement also warned that the European Union had initiated a breach process against the UK and could send reasoned opinions if the London administration did not step in by 22th of November.

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