Selin ATAY-TDO- The European Union (EU) has decided to impose sanctions on 6 Russian and Chinese individuals and 3 organizations, including the Russian military intelligence service (GRU), for carrying out cyber-attacks.

Those who orchestrate or are involved in cyber-attacks called "WannaCry," "NotPetya" and "Operation Cloud Hopper" in 2018, including the attack organized against Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), will face sanctions, according to a statement from the EU Council.

The sanctions include a travel ban and freezing of assets. In addition, citizens of EU member states and companies in those countries will not be able to fund listed individuals and organisations.

"Sanctions are one of the options within the EU's cyber diplomacy tools to prevent, deter and respond to malicious cyber activities aimed at the EU and its members. The EU has used this tool.", according to a statement issued by EU Council.

Two of the people the EU will impose sanctions on are Chinese, while four are Russian citizens. The organizations on the list include the GRU, as well as China's "Tianjin Huaying Haitai Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd (Huaying Haitai) "and" Chosun Expo " from North Korea.

The attacks called" WannaCry "and" NotPetya " were orchestrated in 2018, of which computers in many countries were affected. The hacking campaign, known as “Cloud Hopper,” was the subject of a U.S. indictment in December that accused two Chinese citizens of identity theft and fraud. The attack targeted companies and government agencies in several countries.

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