Serhat TUNAR –TDO-  The Global Terrorism Database, which Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is using for its data analysis of terrorism, lists only 7 incidents linked to YPG or PKK, often based on Turkish media reports, for which no organization has claimed responsibility, reported Brussels Times. 

Birgit Loeser, deputy head of the Counter-Terrorism Division at the European External Action Service (EEAS), admitted at the same press briefing that there is no simple definition of terrorism. One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. 

“We have raised our concerns to Turkey about its anti-terrorism legislation,” she said and was referring to Turkey’s application of such legislation to silence independent journalists and political opposition.

Asked by The Brussels Times for a comment on Trump’s withdrawal decision, a spokesperson for EEAS replied on Sunday (23 December) that “we are awaiting more details to be released on the implementation of this decision.”

“We will continue to work with the Global Coalition, of which the US is part, to fully defeat IS as well as to stabilize northern Syria but also Iraq,” the spokesperson added. “The EU position on Syria is clear and has not changed - this includes the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254 (which calls for a ceasefire and political settlement in Syria) and working towards a political transition.”

An immediate concern at this stage is continued humanitarian access to northern Syria by those forces present in the area. Without international protection, the Kurds in northern Syria find themselves caught between Assad and Erdogan. “They are not different from another,” a Kurdish journalist said and expressed the feelings of many Kurds who now fear a loss of security.

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