Mustafa AY – TDO – 24.08.2018 Federica Mogherini – EU Commission’s High Representative in charge of Security and Foreign Affairs – stated EU’s pleasure to execute collaborative framework with Iran because of 6-1 Nuclear Accord. Mogherini articulated that EU is going to fulfill the investment promises given to Tehran before reaching the agreement. In accordance with financial support to help development of Iranian economy, Iran will utilize from financial aid package, which is determined as 18 million euros by EU, through its private sector operating in Iranian economy.

According to the route map for future investment plan, EU will yield Iran 50 million euros in total which is aimed at invigorating Iranian economy in trouble. US President’s sharp decision against Iran by withdrawing 5+1 Nuclear Accord threatened Iranian economy with highly prospective severe sanctions that Capitol Hill would enforce. In near history, Washington renewed its strict sanctions over Iran. Therefore, Iran found itself in a much tougher economic drawback.

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