According to the Independent News, European Parliament has backed plans to create a defence union and EU military operational headquarters. The proposal has been voted in the European Parliament.  255 of 369 delegates were in favour of the proposal which also calls for greater spending on defence. It is significant to remind that this proposal is not legally binding but it should be underlined as it shows the tendency of EU member states. Nevertheless, there are some debates as by increasing military spending, 22 of 28 EU countries are also NATO members and their direct support to the organization will be enough for regional security. Moreover, opponents argue that EU is not ready for this as there are strong historical, cultural differences and there is a traditional distrust among nations caused by these. Initially, a similar plan had been introduced by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in March 2015, regarding Syrian Crisis and rising Russian aggression and got the support of many states starting with Germany. European Parliament will talk about the issue in December.

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