Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.06.2018 Matteo Salvini, who has lately undertaken the position of Minister of Interior Affairs, asserted its complaints targeting EU’s indifferent approach to the issue of refugees that Italy has been facing with. In the interview with German Der Spiegel on Friday, Minister Salvini stressed the importance of immediate precautionary steps that ought to be taken by all EU members so that EU Commission would find out a remedy to the unremitting influx of immigration into Italian soils. Lastly, Italian Minister uttered that in case of no utmost attention paid to Italia’s troublesome immigration issue by EU, the well-praised integration will most likely be jeopardized.

After Germany, Italy is the second EU country hosting the most of refugees. In terms of geographical position close to North Africa, Italy inevitably attracts some 183.000 immigrants into its borders. Such a high number of refugee in terms of Italy led Rome to call EU for urgent session to be arranged with the aim of solving ongoing matter.of immigration. However, Brussel remained indifferent to Italy’s call. Above this, Italy put pressure on its neighbor Austria to share the refugees in Italy. But, Austrian administration responded Rome’s prussure by deploying soldiers with armoured personnel carriers on Brener Pass, which is Austria’s border to Italy.


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