Serhat TUNAR -TDO- European interior ministers, who met spectacularly in Brussels to discuss Idlib and the migrant crisis, issued a joint statement last Wednesday and reiterated their support for Greece. The statement said: "it is unacceptable that Turkey is using migrants for political pressure against the European Union."

Thousands of migrants had reached the border with Greece after Turkey recently announced it would not block migrants seeking to travel to Europe. Tensions have risen between Greek security forces and migrants trying to block the crossings, and Greek security forces have intervened harshly on refugees.

The European Union is concerned that the migrant crisis, which has recently erupted, is posing problems similar to the situation in 2015.

European Union officials, who recently visited Turkey and Greece, agreed to provide 700m euros in aid to Athens. The European Union is calling on Turkey to comply with the European Union-Turkey agreement signed in 2016.

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