Serhat TUNAR -TDO- A new school season was opened in France, and in the new school year, the flag of the European Union along with the French flag was made obligatory for the classes.

From 2 September onwards, the use of the French flag and the EU flag in public and private schools in France was made compulsory in the classroom. Although this new practice is supported by a part of the public, its opponents are too much to ignore.

The article 'Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood', which was previously taken from the national anthem under the French flag, continues to be in the same class.

The decision, which is taken within the framework of the new education laws, aims to strengthen the European identity and increase the awareness of EU citizenship.

Right-wing and far-right parties claim that this practice undermines the French identity. When the law was first proposed, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer was among those who opposed it, but later the law passed through the parliament with a consensus on new regulations.

As it is known, French President Emmanuel Macron has frequently expressed a more integrated EU dream since taking office.

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