Selin ATAY-TDO- After the attacks in Austria and France, the interior ministers of European Union member states considered new measures to be taken against radical terrorist attacks.

Austria and France made some demands from other countries at the meeting, which was held via videoconferencing. France and Austria have demanded from EU states to agree on issues such as tightening controls on Europe's external borders, better combating terrorist propaganda and related content on the internet, tracking former ISIS fighters returning to EU countries from Syria, or capturing those on the run.

The proposal to train imams in Europe was also considered by the interior ministers of the member states of the European Union.

At the European Union leaders ' summit, scheduled for December 10th and 11th, proposals submitted by EU interior ministers will be considered.

On 2 November, in Vienna, the Austrian capital, a man who had previously tried to join ISIS was reported to have killed 4 people. The attacker was later shot dead by police. Last month in France, a Chechen student beheaded a teacher showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a classroom. In the city of Nice, 3 people were killed in an incident at a radical Islamist church.

Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union's Counterterrorism Coordinator, said in a statement that ISIS was not actively preparing an attack in Europe. Gilles de Kerchove, on the other hand, said that individuals or small groups acting alone continue to incite attacks.

Austrian Chancellor Stefan Kurz likened them to time bombs that pose a constant threat to the public. Austrian Chancellor Stefan Kurz also described political Islam and radicalization as a poison and claimed it was a favorable backdrop for the growth of terror in Europe.

French President Emmanuel Macron demanded that the plan to combat separatism and radical Islam be prepared immediately.

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