Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.08.2018 On 15th of August, Italian Coastguard Vessel named ‘Diciotti’ successfully rescued almost 200 asylum-seekers from drowning on Italy’s Sicily offshore. Once Diciotti accomplished formidable search and rescue mission with accomplishment, it sailed towards back to Sicily in order to disembark asylum-seekers in safe harbor in Sicily’s Catania. However, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini didn’t permit the official vessel to operate disembarkation of asylum-seekers in Catania since he’s already implemented a ban on humanitarian aid vessels, which have immigrants onboard, from anchoring to Italian harbors. In order to allow asylum-seekers to land in Italian soils, Salvini put forward a condition, which is to share migrants equally and fairly with other EU countries.

That Diciotti is currently waiting on Italian coastal waters increasingly leads deterioration of asylum-seekers’ health conditions unfortunately. Since such an unfavorable situation arises, many Italian and non-Italian EU citizens are getting angry about continuation of the problem. Even if Rome administration often faces with EU communities’ reaction, it doesn’t accept to be held accountable for all happenings, which have been resulted in against immigrants, thoroughly. Actually, Rome blames EU Commission on exhibiting indifferent behavior towards Italy’s immigration issue as in Brenner Pass, which was the tension arising from disagreement amidst Austria and Italy last year. Italian Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio threatened EU commission with withholding EU funds that it demands.

Following Di Maio’s threatening remarks aimed at stimulating EU commission, EU Commission Spokesman Alexander Winterstein stated that Italian minister’s words are unacceptable. EU community has unanimously determined rules assisting 6-decade-old collaborative framework function well, underlined Winterstein. As a last word Spokesman articulated that EU Commission is dedicated to find a solution for immigrants on board now. 

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